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Shocks Warranty

KYB Shocks - Warranty and Conditions

    1. KYB Shock Absorbers, fitted at AutoXpress branches are warranted against faulty manufacture and/or faulty materials for a period of 6-months/10,000kms or 12-month/20,000km when fitted with new coils
    2. The liability of AutoXpress Limited is limited to the supply of a replacement unit free of charge for the above mentioned (1) product returned to AutoXpress Ltd at the user's expense within the warranty period and which are proved to AutoXpress Limited's reasonable satisfaction to have failed by reason of faulty manufacture and/or materials
    3. The replacement unit will be similarly warranted but only for the balance of the duration of the original warranty
    4. The warranty will only be applicable to goods which the user proves became defective in normal and proper use
    5. Under no circumstances shall AutoXpress Limited be liable for loss of profit, or any other consequential loss, or damage from whatever cause arising and for any labour charges
    6. Warranties do not cover shock absorber end fittings (eyes, pins, bushes, washers,etc.)
    7. Warranties do not cover KYB shock absorbers that are used for applications other than those listed in the latest, AutoXpress Limited price list, or have been modified, or have external damage, or have over heated, or have damage sustained to the piston rod of unit, inflicted by tools or stones and have excessive wear caused by misalignment